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Arusha National Park

Overview of the Park

Explore Arusha National Park

Nestled in the Arusha region, Arusha National Park is a tourist hotspot for harbouring a rich variety of flora and fauna. The green jewel is home to the fourth highest mountain of Africa, Mount Meru. If you are one of those who love pleasant climate and pristine landscape and wild variety of wildlife, you will simply love Arusha National Park. World’s largest population of giraffes dwell in Arusha. The long-necked beautiful animal is the main attraction of the park. Other diverse wildlife includes elephants, hippos, buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, shy bushbucks and many more. A small version of Ngorongoro Crater known as Ngurdoto Crater is also inside the park. The area is covered with lush rainforest and is home to black and white colobus monkeys and mitis monkeys. The 3 Km wide crater also experiences some other animals like the buffalos. Game drives, walking safaris, canoe safaris, picnicking, and climbing Mt. Meru are the activities visitors can enjoy. As the number of predators is less in the park, so a close view of the wild animals during walking safaris are best in the park.

The Wildlife:

Giraffes are seen abundantly in the park. Other animals inhabiting in the park include Cape buffalo, zebra, warthog, elephant, bushbuck, the black-and-white colobus monkey, the blue monkey, and many other African animals.

The Birdlife:

Over 400 species of birds have been recorded in Arusha National Park. The commonly seen birds include African fish eagle, African olive pigeon, Bar-tailed trogon, Bearded vulture, Great crested grebe, Little grebe, Peregrine falcon, Red-fronted parrot, Scaly francolin, Silvery-cheeked hornbill, Southern pochard, Tawny eagle, Verreaux’s eagle and many more colourful birds.

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